About ELMO

ELMO stands for Electricity Light Machine Organization

Our Products

  • Document Cameras
  • Interactive Display
  • Room Control Systems
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Parts and Accessories

The name ELMO stands for Electricity Light Machine Organization.

ELMO is presently the leading manufacturer of document cameras in Europe. We take pride in delivering communicative and interactive lessons and presentations in schools, colleges, and businesses.

We pay special attention to the quality of our products and their intuitive operation.As a company, we at ELMO always keep an eye on people and the environment and make sure environmental and professional ethical norms are strictly adhered to for all our products and locations.

Industries Connected
  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Legal & Courtroom
  • Medical
  • Business & Corporate
  • Museums

Founded in 1921, ELMO is a Japan-based company dedicated to developing products and technological solutions related to visuals and information technology to contribute to a society that seeks a better and technologically advanced life.


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